The Wishlist

This is my humble little list of fanlistings I'd LOVE to own someday, simply because these subjects mean very much to me, for one reason or another. If you are the current owner, I envy you and I know you're doing a great job! But, a little girl may dream, nya? It's sorted by category and [x?] indicates the number of rejections on the subject.


Granted Wishes

I am very happy to run all of my current fanlisting . However, there are a quite a few subjects that, for one reason or another, mean the world to me and so do their fanlistings. Never say never, but for now you will have to pry these from my cold, dead hands to make me part with them. Nah, not that serious but still, I cannot imagine to let any of these go anytime soon. When I build this section, I linked all of my granted wishlisters below - until I realized I was linking nearly all of my current fanlistings. So I guess I can consider myself a very lucky girl with owning most of the fanlistings for my most loved subjects as all of these have been among my top 5 wishlisters at some point :).

💕 #1 wishlister Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil) (Games Characters) / Adopted in January 2010
💕 All of my other fanlistings ;)