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Welcome to the Keep In Mind (KIM) list of Room 402. If you are already familiar with the concept of such a list, please choose an option above. Please note that I have re-started this list after nearly 6 years in 2014. So if you have been previously on this list and would still like to be kept in mind for a certain fanlisting in the future, you will have to re-join. I will also every once in a while clean up this list and remove people with broken pages or those that have been inactive for a long time to keep this list somewhat updated.
ATTENTION: Before adding yourself to the list, please make sure to check the fanlistings currently up for adoption. You'll never know what you'll find there ;).

Last updated September 23, 2017 74 (+ 0) people listed List started in January 2014


Basically, a Keep in Mind list (KIM) is a list of people who wish to own and maintain a certain fanlisting of mine and should I ever decide to adopt it out, people listed here will be notified. This does not mean you will automatically get the fanlisting in question, you will still need to apply for it, it does simply mean you will be notified directly that the fanlisting has been put up for adoption. However, I will most likely only contact the people listed on my KIM list if I decide to adopt out a fanlisting, though it depends on the fanlisting. So if you don't want to miss your chance, please feel free to list yourself for any fanlisting that draws your attention. All I'm asking is that you keep your listed information up to date. When I can't reach you through the information listed here, I will not browse a hundred sites to find your current information.