up for adoption -

  • Anime/Manga Characters: Kyogre (Pokemon) - crosslisted at TFL

    how to apply -

    If you would like to apply for one or more of the fanlistings listed above, please take a moment to read the guidelines and basic information I have put together below. These are some standard things to follow not only for my adoptions but generally for all fanlisting adoptions:

    1. Be a true fan of the subject - Pretty much obvious, right?
    2. If you got approved to adopt the fanlisting, please have it up in 4 weeks - If you need more time, please let me know as soon as possible
    3. You must make your own layout but you may keep my codes with credit
    4. Credit me and any other possible previous owners
    5. Please keep all codes that have been donated and give proper credit to the creators
    6. You must keep all members and affiliates (if still active) and you should email them to let them know you have adopted the fanlisting
    7. Should you ever decide to adopt out the fanlisting yourself, you must email me first about it as I may want to take the fanlisting back

    If you are willing to follow these guidelines, please contact me with your name, email, website example and the reason why you would like to adopt the fanlisting. Please try to write at least 4-5 sentences as to why you would make a good new owner & why you love the subject. Thank you!

    adopted out -

    These are the fanlistings I once took care of and that have been adopted out to lovely new owners:

  • Idefix / Dogmatix (Asterix series) - Given to Friday
  • Ten no Ryuu (Dragons of Heaven) (X/1999) - Given to Ava, now owned by Linah
  • Dogs: Great Dane - Given to Amanda
  • Gardens: Japanese - Given to Catherine
  • Cell / Mobile Phone Charms - Given to Emcy, now owned by Kris
  • Original Soundtrack: The Last Unicorn - Given to Trialia
  • Pokemon: Raichu (Raichuu) - Given to Shukaku
  • Pokemon: Arcanine (Windie) - Given to Rika24
  • Dreamcatchers - Given to Cheryl
  • Pokemon: Jessie (Musashi) - Given to Kylie, now owned by Eden
  • Pokemon: Psyduck (Koduck) - Given to Betty
  • Pokemon: Rapidash (Gallop) - Given to Chibi
  • Kanji - Given to Cheryl
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story - Given to Kiara
  • Bananas - Given to Kellie
  • Lasagna - Given to Shur
  • Pokemon: Arbok - Given to Drennie
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Applejack - Given to Kimberley