Domain & Webmiss

{Domain} hosts my fanlisting since January 2010. Before moving to that domain, my fanlisting could be found under and, both names which I didn't like for too long and found too complicated to use. So when I decided to get a new domain, I knew it must be short and easy to remember. I finally came up with when I listening to the song "Eisblumen" by the german band Eisblume which translates to *surprise* "Ice Flowers". I was really addicted to that song back then (still love it today) and as I also love ice and flowers, it was perfect and when I saw that my favorite TLD was available, I registered it. I'm still very happy with that domain and I doubt I'll ever let it go again.

While each fanlisting had it's own subdomain for years, I felt like it was time for a change in mid 2015. I was playing with the idea of a new domain for related fanlistings for a while, but eventually decided that it's not needed. So instead of getting more domains, I decided to move related fanlistings to their own subdomain, except for those that are having a domain itself. So currently my fanlistings are scattered over the following (sub) domains: - Leon S. Kennedy fanlisting - My little Pony fanlisting - Resident Evil fanlistings - Games fanlistings - Sailor Moon fanlistings - Anime/Manga fanlistings - Animation fanlistings - Everything else

{Name}    Every site needs a quirky good name, and as much as I like iceflowers I wanted a different name for my fanlisting collective. Since I started a collective in late 2008, it was named "November Obsessions" but I found that soooo lame and uncreative, plus it didn't fit on the linking buttons because it was simply too long. So I was thinking about a new name and I wanted it to be related to my favorite video game series Resident Evil. After some days of brainstorming, I finally came up with "Room 402". Room 402 is an area located in the Raccoon General Hospital in the game "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis". After solving a puzzle, a safe can be found in Room 402; inside the safe is the Vaccine Base, which can stop spreading of the T-Virus when mixing it with the Vaccine Medium. I really liked this, plus I consider my fanlisting collective my personal "room" in the world wide web and it's a really short name that fits on all linking buttons - So that's how my collective got a new name xD.

{Fanlistings}    I started joining fanlistings around 2004 when I found these cute linking buttons on various blogs back then. But it wasn't until November 2007 until I began building them myself. When I was browsing the Sailor Moon fanlistings at TAFL, I saw that there was no longer one for Kunzite, my favorite character from Sailor Moon. So after thinking about it for a while (after all, I had no idea of building and running a fanlisting), I finally caved and applied. And only a minute later, I also applied for the relationship between Sailor Venus & Kunzite from Sailor Moon as well because the previous fanlisting was also gone. Sailor Venus & Kunzite then also became my first ever fanlisting while Kunzite became my second one. After opening those two, I had tasted blood and wanted more and you can imagine the rest, right? ;)

I also joined both message boards at TFL and TAFL, and in December 2009 I became a trouble checker at TFL and a few months later also at TAFL. I checked for Relationships: Book/Movie, Animation and Games at TFL and Relationships at TAFL before completely stepping down in 2013. Back then my RL and Job were quite busy so I had less time than before. Plus, I became a category staffer myself in October 2011. Currently, I'm staffing three full categories at TFL: Arts and Design, Food/Drinks and Toys/Collectibles. In October 2015 I also became a category staffer for TAFL where I have taken over the full Music & Songs category as well as the full Rivalries category in June 2016. I'm also a trouble checker again and am currently working for Songs: Bands/Groups N-Z.

{Likes}    Animals, My little Pony, Playing Videogames, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Aquariums & Fish, Candles, Darkness, Silence, Winter, Ice, Snow, Alone Time, Sleeping, Relaxing, Reading, Taking Bubble Baths, Massages, Listening to Music, my Family, Cooking, Netflix, Rain, November, (Asian) Horror Movies, Tattoos, Latte Macchiato, Space, Paranormal/Supernatural, my Friends, Junk Food, Night, Stargazing, strawberries, peas, carrots, oranges, lemons, Cuddling with my cat, Watching Let's Plays, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, The Sims 3, Rock Music, the 80s, Perfume, IKEA, Spending money, Driving & Singing in my car, interior design, silver jewelry, cartoons

{Dislikes}    Getting up early, going to bed early, wasps, height, spoilers, german daily tv program, spiders, scripted reality tv, dishonesty, fake people, shallowness, stress, dancing, gold jewelry, computer bugs, being stuck in video games, poor general knowledge, mispronouncing (english) words, people trying to change you, animal abuse, fake strawberry taste, pistachios, ice tea,